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Thermal power generation is the main mode of power generation in China

Date:2017/12/07type:Company news

Thermal power generation is the main mode of power generation in our country. As one of the three host equipments of thermal power station, power plant boilers develop along with the development of thermal power industry in our country.

With the passage of time, environmental protection and energy conservation have become an important direction for the structural adjustment of China's power industry. The thermal power industry has actively promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and shut down a large number of small thermal power units with low energy efficiency and heavy pollution under the policy of " To a large extent, accelerated the upgrading of domestic thermal power equipment.

By the end of 2010, the unit capacity of 300,000 kilowatts or more of thermal power units accounted for more than 60% of the total thermal power unit capacity. Thermal power industry's "big pressure on small" also contributed to the high power boiler parameters, high-capacity direction. In addition, clean coal technologies such as circulating fluidized bed and IGCC have gradually become mature and are being widely applied, thus promoting the development of CFB boilers and IGCC gasifiers.

Due to historical reasons, China has formed three major manufacturing bases for power station equipment. The three major groups, namely Shanghai Electric Group, Harbin Power Group and Dongfang Electric Group, each independently formed a large-scale complete set of R & D and manufacturing capabilities for power plant equipment. It is also the first echelon of domestic power plant equipment manufacturing. Echelon. From a single output point of view, the three major power plant boiler manufacturers have occupied 60% of the domestic power plant boiler market share.