First, pay and benefits

--- Strict compliance with state and local laws and regulations, to ensure that employees are paid and benefit;

--- Established a scientific and reasonable salary system and welfare security system;

--- Constantly improve the fair and reasonable distribution structure;

--- Distribution according to work, efficiency is prioritized, giving consideration to fairness and sustainable development;

--- Constantly improve the company's social welfare and remuneration package, and raise the employees' income level.


Second, training and development

--- To create a "learning organization" as a strategic goal;

--- Multi-modal training mode, three-level training system, a combination of practice and theory, a combination of skills and accomplishments to create a compound talent;

--- Knowledge Training: The continuous implement of professional and professional related training of new knowledge, so that employees have the necessary knowledge to complete their work and meet the challenges.

---Skills Training: Continuously implement on-the-job staff job responsibilities, technical regulations and professional skills training, so that they can master the theory which based on the flexibility to apply in practice and improve their skills;

---Quality Training:  Carry out corporate culture, values and psychology, interpersonal and sociology training constantly, to establish mutual trust between the company and employees to meet the needs of self-fulfilling staff.