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Internal device of the drum

Date:2017/12/07type:Company news

Including steam and water separation and steam cleaning devices, water distribution pipes, sewage and dosing equipment. The water separator is used to separate the saturated steam from the water wall from the water and minimize the tiny water droplets carried in the steam. Medium and low pressure boilers commonly used baffle and gap baffle as rough separation components; medium pressure above the boiler in addition to extensive use of various types of cyclone coarse separation, but also with shutters, wire mesh or even steam plate for further separation . Drum tube is also equipped with water level gauge, safety valves and other monitoring and protection facilities.

Design considerations

In order to assess the performance and improve the design, the boiler often go through thermal equilibrium test. The method of calculating the thermal efficiency of a boiler directly from the efficient use of energy is called a counterbalance, and the method of back-calculating efficiency from various heat losses is called anti-balance. When considering the actual benefits of a boiler room, not only depends on the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also the energy consumed by the boiler auxiliaries. When the unit mass or unit volume of fuel is completely combusted, the air demand calculated by chemical reaction is called the theoretical air volume. In order to make the fuel in the furnace have more opportunities to contact with oxygen combustion, the actual amount of air into the furnace is always greater than the theoretical amount of air. Although more air can be injected into the air to reduce the heat loss from incomplete combustion, heat loss from the exhaust fumes can increase and sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides can be further exacerbated. Therefore, efforts should be made to improve the combustion technology so as to complete the combustion in the furnace chamber with a small excess air ratio.