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The overall structure of the boiler includes the boiler body

Date:2017/12/07type:Company news

The overall structure of the boiler includes the boiler body, auxiliary equipment and safety devices in two parts. Boiler furnace, boiler, burner, water wall, superheater, economizer, air preheater, frame and furnace wall and other major components constitute the core of steam production, known as the boiler body. The two main components in the boiler body are the hearth and the drum.

The furnace, also known as the combustion chamber, is a space for fuel combustion. The solid fuel on the grate on the fire bed combustion furnace called layer furnace, also known as the furnace bed; the liquid, gas or pulverized solid fuel, injected into the fire chamber combustion chamber called Burning furnace, also known as the furnace chamber; the air will hold the coal particles to be boiling state combustion, and suitable for burning low-quality fuel furnace known as the boiling furnace, also known as fluidized bed furnace; the use of air flow to make coal particles at high speed rotation, And a strong fire burning cylindrical furnace called the cyclone furnace. Auxiliary equipment and safety devices including safety valves, pressure gauges, water level meters, water level alarms, fusible plugs, etc.

Furnace design

Furnace design requires full consideration of the characteristics of the fuel used. Each boiler should be burned with the original design of fuel. Economies and reliability of boiler operation may be reduced with fuels with widely varying fuel characteristics.

Drum tube

Is a natural circulation and multiple forced circulation boiler, to accept the economizer to the water, coupled with the loop, and to the superheater of saturated cylindrical steam container. Made of high quality thick steel, the drum is one of the most important components in a boiler.