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Water vapor system and smoke system

Date:2017/12/07type:Company news

In the water vapor system, the feed water is heated to a certain temperature in the heater and then enters the economizer via the feedwater pipe. After further heating, the feed water is fed into the drum, mixed with the pan and water, and then descending down to the inlet header of the water wall. Water in the water wall tube tube absorbs heat radiant heat to form a mixture of soda water through the riser to reach the drum, by the steam water separation device so that water and steam separation. The separated saturated steam flows from the upper part of the drum to the superheater and continues to absorb heat to become superheated steam of a certain temperature (most of the steam temperature of the 300MW and 600MW steam turbines is about 540 ℃) and then sent to the steam turbine.

Smoke system

In combustion and fume systems, the blower blows air into the air preheater to heat it to a certain temperature. Pulverized coal pulverized to a certain degree of fineness is carried in the burner by a portion of the hot air from the air preheater. Burning pulverized coal and air mixture in the furnace with the rest of the hot air mixed combustion, release a lot of heat. After the combustion of hot flue gas flows through the furnace in order, the condensate tube bundle, superheater, economizer and air preheater, and then through the dust removal device to remove the fly ash, and finally by the induced draft fan to the chimney to the atmosphere .