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Boiler is a kind of energy converter

Date:2017/12/07type:Company news

Boiler is an energy converter, it is the use of fuel combustion heat or other heat energy to the working fluid or other fluid heated to a certain parameter of the equipment.

Boiler "pot" and "furnace" in two parts. "Pots" are pressure-receiving parts that contain water and steam, which heat, vaporize, and separate water from the water. The "furnace" is a place where fuel or other heat is dissipated. Combustion equipment and combustion chambers and exothermic flue Wait. Both the pot and the furnace are subjected to heat conversion process, and the exothermic and endothermic interface is called heating surface. The boiler heats the water to steam. In addition to the pot and the furnace there are frameworks, platforms, escalators, burning, slag, smoke duct, pipes, furnace walls and other auxiliary equipment.

As defined in the Special Equipment Safety Act, a device that uses a variety of fuels, electric or other energy sources to heat a contained liquid to a certain level and provides heat energy through an external output medium, the scope of which is defined as normal design Pressure steam boilers with a water volume greater than or equal to 30 L and a rated steam pressure greater than or equal to 0.1 MPa (gauge pressure); Pressure equal to or greater than 0.1 MPa (gauge pressure) and outlet pressure greater than or equal to 0.1 MW Hot water boiler; Organic heat carrier boiler with rated power greater than or equal to 0.1MW [2].